Student Activities - Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

student leadersOur Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of two student representatives from each Year 3-7 class. An election is held every year to select a number of Year 7 students to form the SRC Executive. This team provides leadership for all students by facilitating fortnightly SRC Meetings, running student-led initiatives and liaising with teaching staff and the Governing Council. The SRC are responsible for a number of student-led initiatives, including regular fundraisers and events. 

Peer Support Leaders

Our Year 7 Peer Support leaders play an important role in the yard at recess and lunchtimes. They support their peers in a variety of ways, including helping when students encounter difficulties and promoting pro-social skills such as turn taking, negotiating and problem solving. Our Peer Support leaders wear fluorescent vests so they can be easily identified.

These leaders also facilitate a variety of fun and engaging games and activities to increase the play opportunities available to students at lunchtime.

House Captains

Each year, students from our three house teams (Cremorne, Wattle and Rugby) vote on two Year 7 captains to lead their side. Together the six house captains help promote a positive approach to sports participation. They demonstrate an enjoyment of physical activity and model what it means to be respectful and fair sportspeople. Our house captains help organise aspects of our annual Sports Day as well as facilitate lunchtime sports for students throughout the year.