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Welcome to the Unley Primary School Instrumental Music Program.

Instrumental Music application forms:-

This year our application forms will only be available on the Qkr app. Please note that by completing the 2022 form via the Qkr app, it is an expression of interest for your child to learn an instrument. Preference will be given to continuing students.

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Instrumental Music Administrator: Susan Marshall

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unley Primary School offers a diverse Instrumental Music Program where students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments and participate in a number of different music groups.

Instrumental Music Staff for 2022

Anne Rodda DECD Cello, Violin, Viola & String Ensemble
George Dinedios DECD Classical Guitar
Stephanie Mihelios Flute and Clarinet
Matt Walters Guitar
Michelangelo Micelli Drum Kit
Alyssa Peters Piano
Susan Marshall Music Teacher

Most of the instrumental teachers are private providers and invoice families directly, not through the school. Unley Primary School also offers tuition for violin, viola and cello for students in Years 3-6 and classical guitar for students in Years 5-6 by the Department free of charge.

The Instrumental Music Program is provided to the students of Unley Primary School within school hours. Some teachers also teach in break times. To minimize class disruptions, students are permitted to learn only one instrument at school. Unley Primary School owns a number of musical instruments that are available for hire if needed.

The ultimate goal of students who learn an ensemble instrument is that they participate in the school String Ensemble.  The ensemble is also open to those students who learn an instrument out of school hours.

For more information on fees, instrument hire, school ensembles, tuition, availability etc. please read the Unley Primary School Instrument Music Program Information Booklet 2022 (click on link above) or contact Susan Marshall.

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