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Special Events @ Unley Primary School

Instrumental Music Night
Students who learn instruments at school have the opportunity to perform at Instrumental Music Night in Term 4. The night is organised by the Unley music teacher with the support of all the Instrumental Music Teachers.

Celebration Night
Celebration Night is held in the last week of Term 4. It is held outside and all classes pair up to present an item. The band plays and parents bring a picnic rug, nibbles and drinks. It is a nice relaxed atmosphere. It is at this event that the Year 7’s are farewelled.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day
This is a great occasion to invite a relative, neighbor, or friend to experience a morning at Unley Primary School and have your child share their unique school experience. It's especially nice if all students have someone there for them that day so please help your child invite someone.Harmony Day
Harmony Day is an annual event held across Australia on 21 March, coinciding with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Sports Day
Sports Day is usually held at the end of Term 1 or beginning of Term 2 each year. Events are held at the school and at the local Unley Oval. Students in years R – 2 participate in a range of activities with their class in the morning and then return to school for the afternoon. Students in years 3 – 7 are assigned one of the 3 Unley Houses: Cremorne (green), Rugby (red) or Wattle (yellow).  Students wear the colours of their team and compete for points towards the House Shield.  They participate in a range of athletic activities at the

UPS Production

Every two years Unley Primary School presents a major drama production for our school community and local schools. These occur in even years at the end of Term 2. All students in the school are involved in this production and are members of one of two seperate casts.