Enrolment - Enrolment Process


How to Enrol

To enrol your child at Unley Primary School you will first need to complete the School Enrolment Form. For each child you intend to enrol at our school, complete the form and return it to our School Office with your proof of residence and proof of identity documents - see further information below. You can download the form here or contact our school to have a copy mailed to you. 


Please do not hesitate to contact our School Office if you have any questions or wish to discuss your personal circumstances further on phone 8272 9323.

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Starting Primary School

All public primary schools in South Australia have a single intake date, this means –


•If your child turns five before 1 May they start primary school the first day of term 1 of that year.


•If your child turns five on or after 1 May they start primary school the first day of term 1 of the following year.


Your child must start school by their sixth birthday - this is the compulsory school starting age.



Primary School Zoning

Unley Primary School accepts our core intake of students from families residing within our zone – see the attached map for specific details.

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Our zone is defined by - Victoria Avenue, Wood Street, King William Road to the tramline. Greenhill Road, Unley Road, Maud Street, Windsor Street, Wallis Street, Randolph Street. Fullarton Road. Fisher Street, Unley Road, Cross Road.



Enrolments from students living outside the zone may be considered by our Principal on an individual basis. The possibility of enrolment will be dependent on existing student numbers and enrolments from within our school zone.


Proof of Residence

As part of the enrolment process you need to provide the scholl with proof of residence in the school zoned are. The following information is about suitable evidence you will need to provide to the school as proof of residence -

  • If you own your home - a copy of the contract of sale for the property or a recent council rates notice and a recent a gas or electricity bill for that property.
  • If you rent a home - a rental agreement and a bond receipt lodged with Consumer and Business Services showing the current place of residence - the rental agreement should cover at least the first 12 months the child will be attending the school, and a recent gas or electricity bill for that property.


Proof of Identity

For your application to proceed you also need to provide the school with proof of the child's identity and date of birth such as - a birth certificate, a passport, official Centrelink documentation stating the child's name and birth date, proof of the child's residential address and copies of any family law or other relevant court orders, if applicable