Extra Curriculum - Opportunities

Student Leadership

Leadership skills in students are encouraged and developed through class meetings, the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Year Seven SRC Executive and our  House Captains. Beyond this students are encouraged to undertake leadership roles in a range of areas throughout the school. Senior students share Community Service responsibilities on  a weekly basis and our connections with the Unley Community see us involved in various environmental and social projects where student leadership is demonstrated.
It is our expectation that all senior students role model leadership skills and values across the school. We pride ourselves on this and support ongoing opportunities for further participation.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Each class elects two members to the SRC which meets regularly to discuss issues relevant to the student body. Items are discussed with the class, ready for discussion at the next SRC meeting. The representatives report back to their class. SRC will also work with our Governing Council and other sub committees to coordinate activities.