Core Curriculum - Lotes and ESL


First language maintenance (Mother Tongue)

Children from Greek or Italian backgrounds may access our first language maintenance programme. Children have a lesson per week in their first language. The lessons are held during the school day.

Special Education

The school's special education coordinator manages the school's special education programme. The programmes available depend on the nature and degree of learning difficulty the child is experiencing. The school has regular access to a guidance officer who is able to determine the level of student achievement and development and a speech pathologist who conducts speech development assessments. Other support personnel (speech, hearing and behaviour support) are also available as required. The school also has a working relationship with other support agencies such as Kilparin, SA School for Vision Impaired, NOVITA and Cora Barclay.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The school has over 200 students who come from a non-English speaking background. We have a ESL teacher who supports these children, as required, with the learning of English. This support is done in collaboration with the class teacher.