Core Curriculum - Literacy and Numeracy

In July 1996, Ministers for Education in the States, Territories and the Commonwealth agreed that 'every child leaving primary school should be numerate, and be able to read, write and spell at an appropriate level'. Ministers agreed to develop national benchmarks for use in reporting minimum acceptable standards of literacy and numeracy achievement, in support of the national goal.


Study in this area aims to extend your child's ability to listen, speak, read and write and to be able to adapt these skills to various contexts and situations.  The study of our own language is given a very high priority in our curriculum.


Studies in mathematics will provide your child with knowledge and understanding of number, space, measurement, chance and statistical data and algebra and the relationships between ideas in these domains. Children learn the characteristic ways of thinking and doing which enables the development of these ideas.  They also learn to apply and communicate about mathematics in a wide range of contexts.
Literacy & Extended Curriculum offers support and extension across learning areas and Information Communications Technology is integrated into all Key Learning Areas.