Enrolment - Forms

School Enrolment Form 2018 

How To Enrol
Complete the School Enrolment Form for each child you intend to enrol at Unley Primary School and return the forms to our School Office with your Proof of Residence and Proof of Identity Documents.


Proof of Residence
You will need to provide suitable evidence as proof of your families residence within our school zone -
• If you own your home - a copy of the contract of sale for the property or a recent council rates notice and a recent gas or electricity bill for that property.
• If you rent a home - a rental agreement and a bond receipt lodged with Consumer and Business Services showing your current residential address - the rental agreement should cover at least the first 12 months the child will be attending the school, and a recent gas or electricity bill for that property.
Proof of Identity
For your application to proceed you must provide the school with proof of the child's identity and date of birth. Documents might include- birth certificate, passport, official Centrelink documentation stating the child's name and birth date, proof of the child's residential address and copies of any family law or other relevant court orders, if applicable.

Other information You May Need
You may be asked about:
• your child's interests
• emergency contact numbers
• custody and family dispute issues or court orders
• visa information
• medical information and health care needs
• friends already attending the school or starting at the same time.

The information you give about your child and family is kept confidential and used when necessary in the best interests of your child.

Fees and Materials Charges
Public primary schools provide free tuition for all students. Each school sets their own Materials and Services Charges based on the cost of the items and services provided to the students to undertake their curriculum for the school year. These charges are currently around $390 per student per year at Unley Primary School. This fee covers the cost of books, computer technology and other essential items and services used by students during the course of their study. Additional costs are incurred for students participating in excursions and other activities at school such as sporting teams and musical instrument tuition.

Financial assistance, including the School Card, is available to help eligible families with the Materials and Services Charge.