Welcome to Unley Primary School

Welcome to the Unley Primary School website. This site presents a snapshot of our school which we hope is useful to both current and prospective families. I am proud to be principal of Unley Primary School, a school with a strong reputation built upon our performance and engagement with our community over many year.

We recognise that the school is a setting which significantly influences the social, cultural and cognitive development of students. Our school values statement reflects a commitment to this and exists as an important cornerstone of our work. In my daily work I see these values demonstrated consistently at this school. Staff, students and our wider community expect to be treated respectfully and to demonstrate their responsibility towards their school.

Our school provides a stimulating environment in which students are challenged to do their best with an emphasis on achievement in literacy, mathematics and in preparing as learners for the 21st Century. Our school's Site Improvement Plan, available on this website, describes these priorities in more detail.

Unley Primary School has a reputation as a community school in which parents and our wider community are welcomed as active and informed partners in our students' education. We encourage the participation of parents and acknowledge the role they play in our success at all levels.

I look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you about this great place of learning. Please call and make some time to come in and chat to me, to be escorted by our student ambassadors on a tour of the school, and to investigate an enriching environment for your child's primary schooling.
Peter OSullivan (Principal)

Our Vision

"We share a sense of belonging and community, with a focus on creating a positive and diverse school culture for all. We work together to develop an engaging and challenging learning environment where all students are supported and encouraged to achieve their personal best and contribute actively to the community now and in the future".




We work together to achieve through
Respect    Responsibility    Doing Our Best